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We're a Passionate Team of Public Relations and Marketing Experts

Gravity Media Studio began with a bold plan to change the current media orientation to another level of expertise, and our vision is to be a reference on what we do locally & globally.

Our team always in develping and sharping there skills to came up with creaitive and innovative ideas..


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Our presences is digital and we working online with smart mechanism that support and adapt our lifestyle, that even helps to be more productive and creative.


The company is keen to adhere strongly to work ethics and principles adopted by the company and work in accordance with its principles and the company is keen on responsibility, trust, quality, time.

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We always welcome those who have talent and seeks to even develop it more.


Attractive design and implementation of projects with the highest standards of quality and professionalism, and the continuous growth of materials and content that satisfy customer tastes & needs.


While Passion and Love motivate us to stay engaged with the latest trends in our filed; Innovation and Creativity as a team.

Our Team

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Our History

How We Became Successful

We are collection of talented and high experienced individuality have teamed up to provide a high quality materials with passion.

2009.The Begining

it all began when our founder stared to senses his skills grow towards his big attraction to media platforms.

2018.Our Establishment

Was founded to adding new values and expertice to the field, that we believe there needed in Sudan and middle east.

2019.First Challenges

To convincing people by the important role of multimedia materilas and how it can reshape there business, when it presented with high quality/smart way.

2020.Local Recognition

In one year of launching our business we have been definitely via statistics, feedback we have recognized from our clients and competitors, and there yet much to do and provide.

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